Not Sure Who To Vote For This November?

 Still Undecided?

Still not sure who to vote for this November? Maybe these Obama ” accomplishments” can help you decide:
1) The Unemployment rate is holding steady at 8.7%. Under this administration the number of unemployed women has risen to 858,000.
2) Millions of Americans have lost their homes to Foreclosure. Millions of American children are now homeless.
3) 1 in 7 Americans are now on Food Stamps, that represents 44.5 million people.
4) OBama’s 800 BILLION DOLLAR Disasterous Economic “Stimulus” Package:
Solyndra received $535 Million Dollars- bankrupt
Evergreen Solar received 5.3 Million Dollars- bankrupt
Spectra Watt received $500,000 Dollars- bankrupt
Results of the Economic StimulousProgram: Overall American Jobs created -0, Overall Chinese Jobs created Significantly more.
5) Real Job Creating Energy Independent Projects crippled in favor of failed alternative energy Boondoggles: think Keystone Pipeline, offshore drilling and ANWAR as opposed to Wind , solar and biofuel.
These are just a few of the “accomplishments” of the Obama Administration. Continue to follow updates where we highlight his Foreign Affairs Policies, Constitutional Shredding, Power Grabbing Healthcare Bill!

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2 Responses to Not Sure Who To Vote For This November?

    Cindy Burgin says:

    Thanks. good information. Homeowners beware. Hidden in the Obama Health Care Bill is a sales tax on homes that goes into effect in 2013. Interesting…2013 after the election. So if you sell your home in 2013 you will be paying an additional 3.8% in sales tax to cover the cost of Obamacare. I hope there are enough women realtors out there to get the word out and make a difference at the polls.

    • Thanks, Cindy! I appreciate the information regarding the sales tax on homes hidden in the Obamacare Bill. We will be following up with additional information on what else is hidden in President Obama’s over-reaching, power grabbing bill!

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